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``Read in the name of your Lord who created you``. (Surah Alaq - 01)
Aiming at this guidance of Almighty Allah, by understanding the Holy Qur'an, people should make a real reflection of it in every branch of knowledge and science. As a result of this development, in the context of the conventional education system of the country, religious, practical and modern education is achieved in the light of Islamic Tahjeeb-Tamaddun, the institutions run by ``Al Hera Education Family``, ``Al Hera Modern Noorani and Hifz Madrasah``, and ``Al Hera Kids Heaven``, has been established. It is a realistic modern child educatioal mission. Where Quran-Sunnah based moral education as well as Hifz and general education is an unprecedented combination of teaching system in Bangla and English medium. In the present conventional education system, a student has to complete Hifz and re-enter the 5th grade to start his studies. In this situation, many students are no longer interested in studying due to age problems. As a result, a section of the nation is deprived of higher education. Instead of this traditional education system we have introduced our own modern curriculum and teaching system with exceptional methods. Through which a student between the age of 10 to 11 years will be able to complete Hifzul Quran and after completing 5th grade he/she can get admission in 6th grade in any educational institution of the country. Through our efforts, we can keep a more vigilant eye to protect the future generation of the Muslim Ummah from social degradation and moral disaster by educating the students in religious education with the oath of the bright conviction to gain overall welfare in this world and the hereafter InShaAllah and pray for the blessings of Almighty Allah to make every student a worthy person by nurturing Sunnati ideals, making honest, skilled and patriotic citizens. Ameen.


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